Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Holiday

Tomorrow is yet another one of Italy's holidays.  "Prima Maggio", the first of May, is similar to that of our labor day.  No one goes to work.  In my 4 and a half weeks here, this is the third holiday.  I still don't understand how Italians make a living in how little work they actually do.

Anyway, tomorrow there will be a barbeque hosted by the couple that owns the artist residency.  Since Italy does not produce or sell molasses nor ketchup, BBQ sauce is not really going to be possible.  Instead it is replaced with BBQ'ed sage, like the leaves.  I am not quite sure how this works, but they somehow put the leaves on the grill and serve them up.

The concept of grilling meat has not been mentioned yet. . . it will be interesting for sure.

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