Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Painting from France

So last painting of the three.  This one is of a festa that I saw in Panzano, Italy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

France Paintings

Okay so here is what I have got so far.  Hopefully I will get the third done in the next couple days.  With only a week left, I am getting nervous about the drying time.  The first two are details of the third, and then I posted the finished version of the one I previously posted.  These two focus on a series of fetes that take place in the area I am staying.  Festivals that highlight the man's control over horse/bull is the overall theme of these fetes, and they have been taking place for generations.  I also was fascinated with shapes of different frescos of this area as well as what I had seen in Italy.  The whole idea of extreme preservation of the frescos led me to connect that with the extreme care and preservation of the traditional fetes.  Therefore, the images I chose, I placed within the shapes of the local frescos.  Just an idea I am playing with at the moment.  Let me know what you think!