Monday, June 29, 2009

France photos

Couple of photos from France. The first was taken in a village close to where I am staying. I obviously didn't get the memo about the blue tank tops and matched an entire tour group from Germany. They kept looking at me and wondering when I showed up. I was just missing the black baseball cap.
The second is one of the other artists here (from Ireland) and I in front of one of the cabins. Yes, we live in cabins. I have found that even though I love the outdoors, I could really do without spiders in my bed.

The last is of the amphitheatre in Arles. Not quite as impressive as the colosseum in Rome, but nonetheless monumentous.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Better photo

Sorry for the horrendous photo of the last painting.  I didn't know it was that crappy.  Here it is thus far, hopefully a better shot.  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sketches and New Painting

Here are a few sketches I did here in France, and the start of the new painting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

On to France

So, now I have arrived in France and begun my second residency in a small village called Aureille (pronounced Or-ay).  The town is so small it is not placed on the map.  I have found it quite hard to navigate in this area, since a.) I don't speak French, b.) no one speaks English, and c.) no one has a clue where I belong and what I am doing here.  
       I have gotten lost quite often and have been confronted with the same predicament every time.  The French word for ear is coincidentally pronounced or-ay as well.  When asked, "Where can I find Aureille?", every last Frenchman points to their ear and laughs.  I bring a pen and pencil just for this occasion, but by the time I begin spelling the city, the person usually has lost interest and left.  This is not the place for someone who is directionally challenged.

The residency is run by 2 women, both going on 80, and both crazy.  I have been accused of stealing a bicycle, and hoarding clothespins.  The studio spaces are nice, however, and though I have to tread softly, I do enjoy painting here.  I will definitely post the new painting (in progress) and some more sketches soon!