Friday, June 19, 2009

On to France

So, now I have arrived in France and begun my second residency in a small village called Aureille (pronounced Or-ay).  The town is so small it is not placed on the map.  I have found it quite hard to navigate in this area, since a.) I don't speak French, b.) no one speaks English, and c.) no one has a clue where I belong and what I am doing here.  
       I have gotten lost quite often and have been confronted with the same predicament every time.  The French word for ear is coincidentally pronounced or-ay as well.  When asked, "Where can I find Aureille?", every last Frenchman points to their ear and laughs.  I bring a pen and pencil just for this occasion, but by the time I begin spelling the city, the person usually has lost interest and left.  This is not the place for someone who is directionally challenged.

The residency is run by 2 women, both going on 80, and both crazy.  I have been accused of stealing a bicycle, and hoarding clothespins.  The studio spaces are nice, however, and though I have to tread softly, I do enjoy painting here.  I will definitely post the new painting (in progress) and some more sketches soon!

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