Monday, May 11, 2009

New Painting

This painting is of this old man I saw in Panzano, which is a neighboring village of Greve.  Here, basket-weaving is a skill that is primarily done by men.  I think what attracted me to paint him was his extremely yellow apron.  He was surrounded by the beige of the reed and the table was covered in burlap.  But that yellow really jumped.  I talked to him a couple days ago when I saw him at a market in Greve, and told him I painted him.  He didn't seem to understand, and I figured it was my terrible Italian.  So Mimma, the woman I am staying with, helped out with the explanation and he kissed my cheeks.  
His first name is Fagioli, which is Bean in Italian.  I think that will become the title--Bean.  Anyway, this gallery owner from Greve came by and wants it in her gallery!!  So in the next couple days once it dries, I will move it there.  Exciting!!
Sorry about the glare, that is the reason for the two angles. . . 

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